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Noble elegance meets fabulous functionality – the DeLight CLICK 'N' CHARGE is considered the Rolls-Royce of vibrators and promises new heights of passion. This luxury vibrator unites external stimulation with insertion. The aesthetic sculpture can be intuitively guided with the "Royal Curl and has a curved end for stimulating the G-spot. A slight bulge tickles out extra desire in harmony with the vibrations.

We recommend the new Love Bags to store the toy. The DeLight CLICK 'N' CHARGE is the first erotic toy ever to win the reddot design award 2008 and since then has been awarded many other renowned international design prizes.

**** 100% Medical grade silicone and Hypoallergenic ****

Important note: Please ensure that the toy is fully charged before using it for the first time! Charging the first time can take up to 12 hours! Please also note the information contained in the instruction manual. Thank you very much!

Rechargeable CLICK N CHARGE vibrator: Rechargeable plug "the FUN Magnetic Plug!" Included


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